Sunday, 22 September 2013

Poundshop Prettys ♡

Loads of people have been raving about the poundshops current beauty sections across the UK. I have to admit I wasn't overly enthusiastic and interested in the hype. When I was shopping at the weekend, I popped in to get a few bits from the poundshop and had a nosey in the beauty section. I managed to pick up a few decent bargains! 

First I managed to get these Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream that I photographed above for you (apologies for terrible photography skills). I picked two of these up that both came with a nail polish in the packages they were in. I picked up the above shade which is 54L (I think?) This is a pinky/red shade which is not too vibrant but still provides a beautiful wash of colour. I also picked up the 95M shade, which is the nude/peach shade. I think this one is more of a neutral everyday shade that is wearable for many different complexions. 

I am not a fan of the overall smell of these lip creams but the texture is perfect. The staying power of these lip products aren't fantastic but are the best I've seen for a product of this price. Whilst in the pound shop I also spotted that the pound shop have also started to stock the Sleek Sheer Cover lipsticks and the Sleek nail-polishes. I am definitely going to purchase some of these and do a review on my blog as I am a big fan of Sleek makeup.

See you guys in my next blog post! x

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