Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Favourite Fragrances! ♡

Perfume is a girls best friend!

Hello guys, I thought I would make a wee post on the fragrances I'm loving for the A/W season and my everyday perfumes. From L to R I have Paco Rabanne- Black XS, Gucci Guilty and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. 
The Gucci and Black XS are both 50ml size and the Lady Million is a 30ml bottle.

Black XS is an unusual fragrance with an edge. It isn't to everyone's taste, but personally I enjoy wearing it if I'm going out to lunch or on a night out. It has a almost floral scent with a hint of berries. This fragrance has excellent lasting power and is affordable. The packaging is beautiful and the embossed rose adds to the rock and roll vibe of this perfume. The lasting power with Black XS is excellent as I've found with all Paco Rabanne perfumes, I only need a slight touchup during the day.

Gucci Guilty is my everyday perfume, which I will need to repurchase soon. I feel this fragrance is another unusual but popular fragrance. Again this perfume has floral notes, but I have heard others comment that it has Amber notes and fruity undertones. The packaging of this perfume gives a classy vibe and is perfect for putting in your handbag. I don't feel this perfume has great lasting power and feel the need to reapply it a couple of times during the day. 

Lady Million as you all know is one of the most hyped fragrances in the beauty world over the past year. It is my favourite although because every person and their mum is wearing it. It is another (do you see a trend?) floral fragrance with a hint of honey. The lasting power of this perfume is incredible, I normally only touch up this perfume once during the day and it lasts me through shopping, lunch, college and everyday activities.

What are your favourite fragrances?
See your lovely faces in my next post! x

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