Sunday, 11 January 2015

2014 Favourites!

Here's a few things I have been loving in 2014 and a few hidden gems I've came across in the year!

 The obligatory  Lush purchase on everyone's christmas list has to be Snow Fairy! I had to partially fight to get this online in the lush sales and ended up with three bottles. Sugary, candy heaven! 
I mentioned in my previous post that I turned 21 in October and I received this beautiful watch from all my girls! I have wanted to purchase a Michael Korrs watch for so long and my wish was their command.

Yankee Candles are the Gucci of the candle  world. Season of Peace the festive delight, was released in 2013 I believe and smells like heaven. Soft but strong scent with  similar under notes to Clean Cotton by Yankee Candle. Completely  opposite  with my second choice of scent which is Midsummers Night, a musky almost aftershave like scent which smells amazing when lit. 

My favourite songs at this current moment one of which I wouldn't normally choose but I  have had both songs on repeat for weeks.

Taylor Swift- Blank Space has a catchy beat and I find myself walking about college singing it, I've never been a fan of Swift but she's got me good with this one. My second choice is one from my long time favourite Mr Ed Sheeran- One. This song has so many meanings and lovely connotations it's just a delight through my earphones. 


  1. Snow fairy smells amazing! I totally forgot to pick one up this year though:(

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I know, I nearly missed it in the boxing day sales! My local Lush store is always packed so I took a chance and got it online xx